About Sean Rush


Sean Rush is one of the founding partners of Professional Misfits, Inc.  He spent a major part of his life involved in music and classical piano performance and is now involved in facilitation and publication.  He is also team captain of the Professional Misfits Bike Team, with plans to bike 200 miles in hopes of raising money to find a cure for MS.

He believes the best way of life is to focus on the very thing that makes you smile the moment you wake up.  To him, that’s Professional Misfits.

He hopes the company’s first publication, “A Little Thought Book” will reach the homes of millions and touch the hearts of those looking to think outside the box

Sean Rush


Name: Sean Rush

Title: CEO

Zodiac: Scorpio

About me: I think of myself as an unique individual on a quest to help those around me.  Some may see this as self sacrifice but fully believe it benefits me just as much to know that those I care for are smiling.

Interest: Music, Biking, Life itself

Favorite color: Dark Blue

Favorite quote: “A Wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a Fool can learn from a wise answer.”

- Bruce Lee

Favorite book

  1. 1.The Writer’s Journey

Favorite music

  1. 1.Aphex Twin

  2. 2.Classical Music

Favorite film

1. Equilibrium

  1. 2.Wall-E

  2. 3.Young Frankenstein

Favorite web links

  1. 1.MacRumors.com